Structured Data and Rich Snippets Specialist

Do you need a Structured Data Specialist?  Have you noticed how some websites have extra information in their search listings (Rich Snippets) which are missing from yours?

I can help you to implement Structured Data in a strategic way, bringing a quick return on investment to develop the business case for further investment and development which will provide you with long-term benefits.  

Why bother?

Aside from standing out amongst the crowd (listings with rich snippets are said to attract around a 30% higher click rate than those without), the use of Structured Data can allow you to provide potential visitors with more information before they visit, effectively meaning they are a warm lead before they even land on the site.  Develop your brand and reputation by showing customers the number of reviews you have or the range of products you sell.

What does it cost?

I offer a free one-to-one meeting (excluding travel) with you and/or your marketing team to discuss how microdata could be implemented with your website, and to get a feel for your business process and overall strategy.  After that you can either ask for Structured Data to be added for specific areas as a quoted service, or I can work with your team as a consultant on a time and materials basis, whichever suits your business model.

How long does it take?

Implementing the markup itself takes some time, as there is a process to go through which involves breaking down your site into 'chunks' and deciding which properties can be used to explain the information.  Once the markup is implemented, I often find a very swift turnaround time for the information appearing in search engines, usually within a few days.

I use XYZ system, can you work with that?

I specialise in PHP-based systems - Joomla! in particular - however I have skills within my team to be able to apply the techniques to most web-based technologies.  If you have some super specialist system we may require documented guidelines to help us on our way!

What markup do you use?

At present search engines mostly support the vocabulary from (supported by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex), which can be implemented using different methods - JSON-LD; Microdata and RDFa.  JSON-LD is the recommended method for deploying your Structured Data.  There are other vocabularies other than that provide ways of marking up specific things which are not offered using, and some which are specific for certain purposes - such as OpenGraph which is used by Facebook.

How do we get started?

Just drop me an email  and let's set up a meeting!  My diary is online here if you want to check out when I might be free to meet with you - please note I am based in Suffolk, UK.