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Joomla! World Conference, San Jose - Talk on Microdata, Authorship and Google+

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I am fortunate to have recently returned from a couple of weeks out in America, where I was invited to speak at the first Joomla! World Conference in San Jose, California.

I submitted a few proposals, but the one which was selected was on the topic of Microdata, Authorship and Google+ - something I'm developing a real interest in.


Travelling half way across the world to attend a three day conference may seem a bit excessive, but when you're as passionate about something as I am about Joomla! (as anyone who has spoken to me about the subject will attest!) and it's the first event of its kind, it's an opportunity not to be missed!

Virya Technologies are currently working with UK Trade and Investment on their Passport to Export scheme, to develop our export profile (government speak for 'sell more stuff abroad'!) so we were able to access some funding to assist me in making this trip, which has been most appreciated.

I haven't quite managed to get over the jet lag yet so I'll make a more detailed summary post later, but for now if you're interested in my slides you can view them below - the video should hopefully be available soon which I'll embed in the forthcoming post.

{slideshare}slideshare id=15227847&doc=jwcpresentation-ruthcheesley-final-121117202718-phpapp02]{/slideshare}

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