I ran a mile every day for 40 days .. and so can you! #rwrunstreak

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I remember quite clearly, that moment when I saw a post on Facebook about the Runner's World Run Streak while I was contemplating the icy cold morning I was about to launch myself into in order to get to the gym for my 6am personal training session. 'That looks interesting', I thought, as I yanked on my leggings, mumbled something about early morning training sessions, and joined the Facebook group thinking I'd check it out later that day.

Little did I know, that decision I made on an icy cold morning in November 2017 was about to challenge me in more ways than I was ever expecting in the coming 40 days!


It's just like riding a bike apparently ... #bikeweek

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They say that a good boss should lead by example, so for the next week I am making a real effort to cycle into work each day, as part of 'Bike Week'.  Bike week is a nationwide week of focused activity promoting cycling - and specifically for folk who don't do it much!

I didn't even have a bike until last night as my old bike (a hand me down from my partner, who had it since he did paper rounds) became a rusty heap after a winter of working nightshifts at Royal Mail when I first started the business and didn't oil it as recommended - after all who wants to do that at 5am!

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