Gamification reaches new heights with Majestic's Awards

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Picture the scene .. just about to leave work, quickly checking something on a client's Majestic report, when suddenly I discovered Majestic had launched a whole new element of fun on what is usually, let's face it, a pretty nerdy platform where SEO folk crunch some serious numbers about how well a website is performing or what problems there might be with links coming into or going out from a website.

majestic awards dashboardIn exchange for me ferreting around on the Majestic site, unearthing tools I had probably known about but long ago shelved in the "don't need it right now but that's kinda cool" part of my brain, I started to work my way through the new Awards system and work my way up the 'Leaderboard'.  Surprising the things I learned .. like the fact that you can assess the quality of a social media profile using Majestic!

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