Express Catering - Google Penguin Recovery

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I was approached by a Express Catering, a mobile catering company based in the South West back in December, shortly after my articles on identifying and recovering from Google Panda and Penguin went live.  They thought that it was likely their website had been a victim of the Google Penguin update, and asked me to carry out an SEO Audit to identify whether this was the case and what we could do about it.


Identify and recover from Google Panda and Penguin updates causing sites to disappear from Google

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Google has been tweaking its algorithms (the systems it uses to identify how relevant it's links are to the search terms entered) over the years, with a view to improving the user experience, and promoting results which are more relevant and abide by their recommended guidelines relating to search engine optimisation.

Recently there have been two major updates which have hit some sites particularly hard causing them to drop significantly in major search engines. This article will cover the Google update first seen in February 2011 and later rolled out internationally in August 2011 known as 'Panda' or 'Farmer', and the more recent Penguin update.

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