Ruth Cheesley

Ruth Cheesley

Ruth is Digital Communications Manager at Cambridge Assessment English

Managing both internal and external communications for the Digital and New Product Development Team, she sits within the Channels team.

Find out about all the exciting and innovative new technologies the team are working on at the BETA website.

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Community has been part of my life as long as I remember.

From growing up in a small Dorset village to singing in choirs, joining the Sea Cadets and numerous groups at University, I've always found or built a 'tribe' around the things I care about.

Needless to say, when the opportunity to work as a Community Manager supporting an Open Source project which I am passionate about arose, I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back since.  In May 2020 I had the opportunity to step up to Project Lead as DB Hurley stepped back from the role.

Community Management is a truly diverse profession which allows me to bring my wide range of skills into action (and has forced me to learn a whole load of new skills to boot!).

Leading the Mautic community is wonderful job in many ways. It brings together my geekiness with my love of people and community. It allows me to channel my energies in a direction that allows me to help others succed, which one of my core values.

As many other CM's will tell you, it's also a real challenge. Working for a project that you are really passionate about makes it hard to switch off. Being Project Lead for a community that never sleeps can lead to feeling like you are 'always available'. It's definitely a balancing act, but also a daily challenge and an exciting opportunity to help this Open Source project grow and thrive!


Learning to write acceptance tests with Codeception

Published in Development

Having run the last two manual User Acceptance Test processes for Mautic 3, it was clear that relying on users to manually test every aspect of Mautic was both error prone and time consuming. 

While we did surface some critical bugs, it took almost a full weekend to write up all the tests that needed to be done, and then another weekend (at least!) to run through the testing for Mautic 3 alpha. 

We need to find a better solution to ensure that we're doing robust testing when we are shipping new releases of Mautic.  I'd heard Codeception and acceptance tests mumbled about and seen it in our documentation that we had acceptance tests, so I started digging! 

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