The central focus of my life has always been around bringing people together and building community. Open source is where I found a home for that drive to connect.

Diagnosed at 23 with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition affecting the connective tissue in my body, I've spent most of my life working with chronic pain, joint instability and fatigue.

As a practicing Buddhist for 12+ years and working towards ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Order, Buddhism has a central place in my life and informs every area of my life.

Learning how to train with a physical disability and exploring ways to push myself without injuries or flare-ups has been quite a challenge. I just completed my first ultramarathon!

Hello, I'm Ruth! Here's a bit about me ...

Hello, I'm Ruth!

Open source advocate

Long term user and contributor to open source projects, I'm currently working full-time at Acquia as Project Lead for Mautic

Public speaker

Speaking regularly at events around the world on a range of topics from open source to living an active life with a disability and my unconventional path to a career in tech.

Board member

Proud to be a trustee of Breathworks, helping people around the world living with pain and suffering.

Aspiring Bodhisattva

Practicing Buddhist for 12+ years within the Triratna Buddhist Community and training for ordination.

EDS Warrior

Living a full and active life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, including a slight obsession with ultramarathon endurance running.


Next up on the travel itinerary:
I am very fortunate that my work often allows me to meet amazing people from all over the world to collaborate on and improve open source projects and communities. Here's some of the upcoming events I'll be attending.
  • Mautic Conference India 2024, Pune, India 17-18 February 2024
  • FOSS Backstage, Berlin, Germany 4-5 March 2024

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