Joining Breathworks

In 2021 I was invited to become a trustee of Breathworks.

As someone who lives with chronic pain and a life-altering disability, the fundamental principles of Breathworks are something that makes my heart sing.

I have been fortunate to be on retreat several times with Vidyamala and have learned so much from her teachings on living well with pain and disability, it was truly an honour to bring my skills and knowledge in the web and marketing world to benefit the organisation she established 20 years ago.

While the pandemic brought immense challenges to Breathworks, who have delivered in-person courses around the world as one of the mainstays of the business, it also brought a great opportunity to digitalise their processes, and thereby making the teachings and opportunities more accessible to a wider audience.

I'm really excited by the future plans for Breathworks and can't wait to see it growing around the world, taking these important teachings out to the people who need to hear them.

Please note that at present, I am not able to take on any other board positions due to time constraints and this wonderful thing called pacing myself ... a lifelong teaching!