Open source technology

I love everything there is about open source technologies.  At University I really appreciated being able to use software which didn't cost me half my student loan to purchase, and having the ability to use these tools to help people recover their data, restore their computers, and provide basic security.  Nowadays, I appreciate the fact that I can kit out my entire office, from laptops and desktops to servers and smartphones, with open source technologies for very little cost.  I also appreciate the fact that if something doesn't work we can get in and figure out what the problem is, and fix it.  Not to mention the fact that we are never bothered by viruses, trojans or any of that nonsense.

I love the community which comes with most open source projects - particularly the Joomla! community.  Sure, like any group, it has some unsavory characters and people I choose not to engage with, but on the whole it is a positive, helpful and driven community which exists for the benefit of others - something which echoes through from my own Buddhist ethics.

I see huge potential for industry to take up the benefits of open source technologies and make massive savings, if it weren't for the corporate tie-ins with money-guzzling closed source software alternatives.  Some are seeing the light, like the mayor of Munich who suggests that they saved over 4 million euros in one year through switching to open source technologies, but so many others are not.  Our challenge is to remove the blinkers from the corporate world and present open source as a viable alternative in the enterprise world.