After the experience in Kenya I was hoping that the travel would be a bit easier - and thankfully it was!  First stop was Joomla!Day Switzerland where I gave a talk which busted some common SEO Myths, followed by speaking at Joomla!Day Spain the next weekend, and running (and speaking in three sessions!) at Joomla!Day UK the weekend after that.

Unfortunately I had to draw the line at three consecutive speaking events, so when I was invited to attend Joomla!Day South Africa rather than decline the invitation, we arranged to do a presentation via Skype, which worked really well!

It is always a pleasure to connect with people from around the world about the topics I'm passionate about, and these events were no different!

You can check out the slides & videos of the talks I've given on my Public Speaking page - if you'd like me to come to your event do get in touch sooner rather than later!