majestic awards dashboardIn exchange for me ferreting around on the Majestic site, unearthing tools I had probably known about but long ago shelved in the "don't need it right now but that's kinda cool" part of my brain, I started to work my way through the new Awards system and work my way up the 'Leaderboard'.  Surprising the things I learned .. like the fact that you can assess the quality of a social media profile using Majestic!

Discovering new features

majestic awards link maps

As you progressively explore the different areas you tick off the different tasks, working toward finishing all the tasks needed to complete that section.  It's a pretty simple idea really, you gain points for exploring features of the site, reading their blog, and even planning a telephone "walk through" - and let's face it, what data geek would allow one simple task like having a walk through of a system hold them back from completing that award?!

Majestic's free walk-through

Normally I detest these sales-focused walkthroughs which generally try to force you into upgrading your subscription to a higher level, but I was pleasantly surprised when I spent an hour with a representative from Majestic exploring their platform in great detail.  The walkthrough focused almost entirely on exploring how the system can be used to its maximum benefit, and how I can better find the data I needed to analyse for specific projects.  Definitely not a waste of an hour wishing I didn't have to listen to sales people!

Limsan and her colleague who ran my walk through were patient with my questions and keen to show me new features, explain to me what specific numbers actually meant and how they were calculated, and put forward feedback I offered on user interface niggles that had been annoying me for a long time, in addition to passing on things which I really appreciated like the visual changes to the UI which make it easier to quickly see the correlation between Trust and Citation flow.

Majestic Business Profiles

map majestic business profilesSure, the gamification is really quite a superficial thing, and points don't really mean prizes here, but wait, it gets better - there's a leaderboard of business profiles!  Who doesn't like a bit of friendly competition!  Members with a subscription can create their business profile, and any awards you gain are listed on your profile.  If you have higher than Silver level subscription you can also list your contact details and link to your website on your profile - well worth the investment going forward if you are a heavy user of Majestic.

I really benefited from working through the different tasks and exploring the areas of Majestic that I hadn't touched on for some time - and really think this is a great example of gamification done right, for the right reasons, and with the right amount of learning, fun and encouragement to get people to have a go!  Well done, Majestic!