At that point, the Mautic community was in a state of disarray. Acquia announced the acquisition of Mautic Inc. in May 2019, and the resulting uncertainty around the future of the open source project meant that contributions came to a standstill and there were conversations about a potential fork of the project.

Quite the situation to be stepping into and taking direct responsibility for!

I look back at those times from where we are today and it hardly seems like the same project. 

So much has changed for the better, and we have made so much progress despite all the challenges that the universe has thrown our way during that time. 

Let’s have a look back in time at just how much progress has been made.

Wow, it's so awesome to see just how much we have achieved in the last three years, right!  I didn't even include everything - read the Mautic Blog for all the in-between things that I haven't covered.

Working at Acquia hasn't been without its challenges, balancing the needs of the company with that of the open source community, and getting the community up and running as an autonomous open source project.

I also had some great opportunities to set up and co-lead the Women of Acquia ERG where we organised lots of fun and educational events and partnered with the organisation on several DE&I initiatives, and got to join colleagues recently for a volunteering day in Reading which was great fun and really rewarding.

It has been something of a steep learning curve, but I'm really proud of everything that we have achieved together in the Mautic community over the last three years, and cannot wait for all the exciting things that lay ahead!