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  • This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending my first BrightonSEOevent - a twice-yearly gathering of the great and the good (and definitely the geeky) from the SEO and digital marketing world.

    I attend quite a lot of conferences within the Joomla community, but it's not often that I head to a conference in a venue I've never visited, with a community I've not really engaged with before.  Needless to say, being a wheelchair user going into unfamiliar territory by myself can be a little daunting!

  • I was largely motivated to write this blog post after reading this post - 6 things about chronic pain you didn't know you knew - and just to be clear before I set off, I'm really not looking for 'oh that's so sad, you poor thing' responses, or sympathy - I'm just writing this to express what it is like to be running a business and contending with chronic pain on a daily basis, and a bit of an exploration of the challenges faced by people with disabilities who run businesses.