This time a few years ago I 'came out' about the struggles I was facing, and started to take my health seriously. 'Project Ruthie' as I've affectionately called it, got underway!

I started using a wheelchair to help with pacing. I started to say no to things. I started to say yes to people offering to help me in big ways and small ways. I started exploring what exercises I could do safely and what was still beyond my reach. Learning what caused or contributed to a crash, and how to recover from and prevent them happening so often. 

It doesn't end here though folks. Just because I'm well, doesn't mean that I'm fixed. I have a genetic condition for which there isn't any cure, so it's a lifetime of applying all that I've learned.

Today, I'm off to the Anglia Business Exhibition with my company Virya Group - it's been interesting reading my old Facebook statuses ... How badly I coped in the past, how far I crashed and burned afterward.

This year, I hope will be different. I'm fitter, happier and better at managing my fatigue, pain and dislocations. I'm also on a much more even keel when it comes to pain control. Especially when I'm pushing the boat out (pic is today's meds!) and know that it's going to be painful and exhausting .... A potent combination!

So yes, at the moment I am really well, and thank you to everybody who has mentioned it - I really appreciate your kind and encouraging words! 

I am also incredibly grateful to everybody who has helped me on this journey..... It would have been considerably harder and probably much more bumpy without you all helping!