Working with internal and external thinkers in communities


Have you ever watched discussions happening in your community where someone shares a thought or opinion, or responds with a message which does not appear to be thought through or doesn’t seem to have any substance?

Often, we frown on this kind of discussion and the person can even be ridiculed for their lack of understanding or clarity - posts get closed down or threads deleted for lack of substance.

How, then, do we cater for those in our communities - like myself - who are external thinkers?


How my wheelchair gave me back my life, my health, and my dignity


Today is #InternationalWheelchairDay which has me reflecting just how much my life has changed since I decided to start using a wheelchair back in 2014.

Wait, what? Wheelchair?

For some, this might come as a surprise — particularly those of you who have only come to meet me recently — as at the moment I don’t use my wheelchair hardly at all. In fact, the last 12 months have been something I never expected to experience again, a time where I have been more well than unwell. A time when I was able to exercise, even to run, without crippling exhaustion or injuries.

I’ve included a bit of background for those who might not know the back-history so feel free to scoot through if you already know!


Amphibious SEOs, cracking content and optimisation of Javascript sites .. another Brighton SEO round-up


A standing event in the calendar of any marketing and SEO professional has to be BrightonSEO

Twice a year, 4,000 people descend on Brighton from 40+ countries to learn, share and generally get their geek on.

I've been attending for the past three years. Without fail I have come away from every conference with ideas, enthusiasm and often with the need to decompress my brain!

The latest installment was no different!

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